I QN Community Forums in San Francisco and Charlotte provide ideal opportunity to gather around the table with your peers and industry experts to network and share best practices

From tailgating at football games to gathering around the Thanksgiving table, November is all about community. It’s a time to share stories, enjoy a meal and catch up on what’s new. November is also the perfect month to break bread with your IQN “family” at one of our upcoming IQN Community Forums: November 9 in San Francisco, California and November 10 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

With so much happening in the fast-growing contingent labor industry, we introduced these intimate networking events in October to bring together our IQN community of customers, partners and thought leaders. By hearing updates and exchanging ideas on the latest trends, technologies and best practices, our customers are walking away with valuable insights for enhancing their contingent labor programs.

After experiencing our October 25 event in Chicago, I can attest that our IQN Community Forums are a fantastic way to spend a few hours. Our main topic was how to more effectively leverage project-based or statement of work (SOW) talent. A panel including Andrew Karpie, Research Director, Services and Labor Procurement, Spend Matters; Dave Elliott-Smith, Global Practice Consultant-SOW Solutions, Kelly OCG and Brian Hoffmeyer, Group Vice of Marketing Strategies, IQN, shared the latest market research and strategies for success.

Do you know if your investment in SOW talent is growing?  

An interesting question was raised during our discussion: is the use of SOW workers growing or are contingent workforce program managers simply gaining a better handle on their SOW investment? A lively discussion followed with the consensus being that the use of SOW workers is indeed growing —right along with the need for better visibility and control.

The old management adage of “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” certainly still applies and not just for SOW. Our customers pointed to the need for greater enterprise visibility across their workforce so that decision makers can quickly see where their labor spend is going, and how budget changes dictate their mix of full-time and non-employee workers. Our thoughts exactly! Analytics are driving our world, which is why IQN is significantly investing in advanced analytics and cognitive intelligence solutions to enhance the speed, quality and relevance of business insights provided.

Join your colleagues at an IQN Community Forum near you

SOW workers is just one of the many topics that we plan to tackle at IQN Community Forums. From winning the war for talent to understanding the risks and rewards of self-managed programs, and adhering to evolving regulations, our customers face new challenges in today’s highly-competitive gig economy. What amazes me is just how willing and open our customers and partners are to tackle these challenges by making the necessary changes, whether its new tools or processes, to improve their business.

Make plans today to break bread with IQN and other members of the IQN Community at a forum near you.  For more information or to register, please visit our events website.


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