T oday, global organizations are discovering that these two groups are no longer separate entities. Contingent labor is growing and is increasingly integrated throughout organizations. Workforce management can’t just be reactive anymore—it must be strategic.

Traditionally, global enterprises have faced workforce management challenges on two fronts:

  • Managing, recruiting and retaining employees
  • Managing, tracking and sourcing contingent workers

Welcome Visier!

The IQN Connect partner ecosystem is a network of top resources that together, provide complete workforce management. Because we are highly selective in choosing the partners for this program, we only align with partners that have similar goals: providing the highest possible value for the whole enterprise.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Visier. This partnership brings a dramatic shift to the way enterprises manage their total workforce.

The front lines of the war for talent

“It’s a tight labor market,” says Jan Schwarz, co-founder of Visier. “There’s a lot going on in the greater economy that makes talent a concern not just for HR, but for every level of leadership.”

The performance of an organization’s talent is critical to business success. Workforce management—which has traditionally only been of importance to HR—is getting much more attention from C-level executives. People have been talking about strategic HR for years, but despite the talk, HR has remained very focused on a transactional process. Today, the process is undergoing a major shift.

“There’s been an increased movement toward quantitative, data-driven HR,” Schwarz explains. “HR, with its knowledge of workforce dynamics, can transform the way businesses use data to drive business performance, make better decisions, and work toward intelligent solutions.”

To make that shift, it’s essential to not just improve the process, but to address holistic business objectives.

Data in the right hands, right now

Until Visier and IQN, HR didn’t have a way to actually get and use the data it really needed.

“Companies are struggling to make heads or tails of all the disparate data they have around the enterprise,” Schwarz says. “Leadership has known for decades that they have information that can help them better run their business, and it’s locked inside all of this data. But until Visier, they’ve never had the ability to get their hands on this information.”

Most organizations have data in multiple places and aren’t collecting data about contingent labor. This means they’re struggling to make both internal and contingent labor planning work together to meet business goals.

“By default, a lot of Visier’s customers have been focusing on their permanent employees,” Schwarz says.

Since IQN is designed for contingent management and bringing transparency to staffing sources, this partnership can create full visibility into a company’s total workforce.

Breaking the mold

Most data analytics solutions are bottlenecked by a cumbersome model in which huge amounts of information are stored in warehouses. IT techs must write complex queries in order to gain access. Reports are static, deliver only a limited view, and are difficult to change alongside rapidly changing business needs.

Visier and IQN, on the other hand, deliver dynamic analytics directly to business users, skipping the complex query process and allowing users access to the most useful data to support their decision-making in real time.

But what brings Visier and IQN together isn’t just a similarity in features, but also in their missions.

“We’re quite selective in the way that we partner,” Schwarz says. “We look for partnerships that are based around strategy and delivering real business innovation in ways that are complementary to both of our unique products and services.”

“What we want to deliver clients is the least amount of work with the highest amount of achievement and program success,” adds Kevin Poll, IQN’s vice president of business development.

Luckily, Visier pursues that same goal.

So who gets value from this partnership? The list is long, and includes any business that

  • Has a large contingent workforce
  • Has a strong need for more insight and more competitive advantages
  • Struggles to decide where to use contingent labor versus full-time employees
  • Faces challenges in understanding its contingent workforce as a whole
  • Intends to bring contingent labor on as full-time labor in the future
  • Needs to forecast talent requirements and plan ahead

In short—most global businesses!

When companies truly have control over their total workforce, the results are dramatic and immediate. With the combined resources you get from Visier and IQN, you can have your hands on the data you need in a matter of weeks and it can instantly start affecting the way you manage your business.

It’s all contributing to one primary goal: Make workforce management strategic, not reactive. It’s the smartest way to ensure success for your entire business.

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