W ith Enterprise demand for contract labor at an all-time high and the number of applicants seeking assignments equally great, like most corporate recruiters, you’re probably overwhelmed by the influx of interest that your brand generates.

We know that when an Enterprise-branded advert goes out to attract job-seekers — it attracts a LOT of response. While this is great for brands that want to direct source, it actually creates a larger issue for recruiters – thousands of direct applicants that need to be filtered, reviewed and either engaged or rejected – all the while keeping an eye on your brand engagement.

Elevate and IQNavigator announced a partnership that leverages Elevate’s smart candidate matching technology through IQNavigator’s Vendor Management System (VMS) — to pair Corporate Recruiters directly with the right contractor for the job. We chose to partner with IQNavigator because of their forward-thinking leadership and 15 years’ experience in successfully managing contract labor for Global 2000 companies.

What does this partnership mean for our customers?

Elevate’s system reads and understands submitted CVs. It understands where people have worked, what they did, what skills they’ve been using and for how long. It allows us then to rank applicants as they come in at scale based on previous hiring patterns. Thousands of direct applicants are transformed into a manageable few, ranked by suggested best fit, cultural match, skills and more.

Elevate applies a “machine learning” approach to all the data we compile.  We quickly build and identify organisational level hiring patterns to provide you a with a cultural fit score and show definitively where your company tends to hire contract labor from, what skills your candidates tend to have, and a number of other important insights — in other words, what “ideal” looks like for your organisation.

Through Elevate’s smart matching technology, our customers can now leverage their brand to its fullest, to attract and filter candidates at scale and focus on getting the right candidate in the right role in the quickest time possible.

We’ll be sharing more information on our partnership in the weeks to come.  Stay tuned!

Dan Collier
CEO and Co-founder

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