I ’ve lived in Colorado for almost 35 years now (which, I think, qualifies me as a “semi-native” according to the rules around those once ubiquitous bumper stickers that displayed one’s status regarding, er, nativeness) and have always loved the spring season here as it is a time of amazing change.

Without (hopefully) coming across like cheesy greeting card it’s cool to watch the snow melt, the flowers pop up, the leaves unfold, and (this being Colorado after all) the bikes and camping gear come out!

How does all of this relate to why I can’t wait for the upcoming IQNsiders event (April 28th – 30th in Colorado Springs)?

Well, in my view, it relates handily as I strongly believe that, like Spring in Colorado, this is a time of great change, both in the services procurement industry and at IQNavigator! IQNsiders will be a great time to hear about those changes, to talk about how they affect your company and your VMS/MSP program, to ask questions that have kept you up at night, and to network with peers from many IQN clients, people who may provide a perspective or an idea you’ve not heard before (and I bet you can do the same for them)! The planned agenda is a good one, full of interesting speakers and topics and will do a lot to prepare and excite you for the seasons ahead.

I’m excited to be speaking on Maturing your Global Contingent Workforce Program. This will be a great session for those of you who have successfully expanded globally, but are looking to further leverage your position and mature strategically. I’ll provide some tools that will help you assess whether your global program is on (or off) track as well as lay out some steps that will help you gain strategic maturity.


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