L ast week my wife and I stopped in Calgary for a night on our way home from a conference I spoke at in Banff, Alberta. Being foodies, we did some research to find a great local restaurant as, after two days of typical hotel food (which, sadly, is universally bad), we wanted to eat something that showcased Alberta’s great foods and culture and we definitely wanted to stay away from a chain of any kind!

We found a spot called Model Milk and sat at the bar rather than in the main dining room. Our seats at the bar were in the heart of the restaurant and we ended up having an (even more) amazing experience getting to know the restaurant’s staff, food, and drinks. The bartender truly went the extra mile and, at one point, made us an off-menu cocktail to go with our second course as none of the ones on the list truly matched the food we selected. We left Model Milk feeling satisfied in every way. Our choice to go with an independent restaurant, rather than a chain, was validated.

Now, before I go on about the food and drink (I’m glad to do that offline if you want to reach out!), let’s relate this to Vendor Management Systems and IQNavigator:

With SAP’s acquisition of Fieldglass in March, IQN is the only remaining large and independent VMS provider, the only non-chain if you will.

Independence – meaning we’re not owned by a public and/or parent company with an agenda and control our own destiny – matters. We feel that it is a great thing for our customers (and for the market) for a number of key reasons.

  • We are well funded by a privately equity firm and not beholden to quarterly public statements that force short-term thinking.
  • We control our own code, we’re not going to have to spend the next 2+ years integrating with a behemoth, this will allow us to be nimble and responsive in response to ever evolving business problems.
  • We are supply-chain independent which means our application will support you in winning the war for talent no matter which plan of attack you have.
  • We have a strategy and vision for our company and industry that is unique and based solely on helping our clients achieve their goals.

Those are high-level statements, but they are very important considerations for those looking to realize long-term value and success with their VMS program. We believe Independence matters significantly, and we want you to ask us why.

Over the coming months, we are going to expand on each area and with additional details and value points and, most importantly, are going to provide products, functionality, services, and results that will show our clients that we say what we do and do what we say.

With millions (if not billions) of dollars on the line, we believe you shouldn’t choose a “chain VMS” for your program. Instead, take advantage of the power, flexibility and attention to detail that are critical to your long-term success.

Interest, intrigued, or just want to talk about restaurants in Calgary (or anywhere else)? Contact me!

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