I t’s time again for our weekly roundup, a way for us to keep clients and followers well informed about important industry information and happenings that could affect their business.

This week in the industry…

Increased use of temporary workers is trend here to stay (via MyWestTexas)
“Temporary employees (temps) are a large and growing segment of the American workforce. While temp arrangements have been around a long time, they are now more common than ever. Also, temporary employees are used in a variety of industries, whereas they were once primarily office workers. The number of temporary workers now exceeds the level before the national downturn, and these job gains comprise a significant portion of all jobs added by the U.S. economy over the recovery period.”

Reshoring Hits the Apparel Industry and the Pages of McPaper  (via Spend Matters)
According to a recent USA Today article, reshoring is making a popular comeback in the apparel industry. Brooks Brothers is a prime example of why this shift is occurring, simply stating: “if a style is popular … new orders can be filled from a U.S. factory in two weeks, vs. up to seven weeks from an overseas plant.” Practicality and simplicity seem to attract the industry back to the United States.

They’re Not Independent Contractors if the Court Says They’re Employees (via Forbes)
“Under U.S. employment laws, whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor depends on the application of a legal test, not on the existence of an independent contractor agreement. Improper classification can result in liability to the employer, as illustrated by a recent case, Scantland v. Jeffry Knight, Inc. (11th Cir., July 16, 2013).”

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