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This week in the industry…

15 Ways to Avoid Feds’ Contractor Wrath (Via HR Morning)

Working with independent contractors? Here are 15 ways to ensure you don’t end up as the next write-up on the Department of Labor’s website for misclassifying them as employees.  Topping the list is Training your managers, establishing written contracts, proper terms for contractors, listing the services that are provided, and limiting ‘control’ provisions.

Problems and Opportunities with Direct Procurement (Via Spend Matters)

“Not all is well within direct procurement, especially within any one manufacturing company. Although direct procurement is inherently part of the supply chain, it isn’t necessarily driving the supply side of the ongoing transformation in a sufficiently meaningful way.”  Read about the major problems that sometimes make direct procurement risky.

A Crowded Boardroom CIOs versus CFOs (Via The Staffing Stream)

Under the pressure to cost-cut CFOs are using this requirement as an opportunity to suggest cuts relating to CFOs.  As IT teams diminished post 2007, this act became synonymous with cost-cutting.  But this is gradually beginning to change as markets pick up and companies begin to invest in new technologies.

Contingent Workforce Growth Exceeds Expectations (Via the DCR Workforce Blog)

“According to the latest statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of contingent workers in the USA today stands at 2,679,800 – nudging the all-time high record of 2,767,300 set in October 2006.”  Learn about the major changes that lead to this substantial growth.

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