E ditor’s Note: 2014 is already off to a big start for IQNavigator, with the recently announced acquisition of ProcureStaff Technologies. We believe this year will be significant, not just for IQNavigator but also for the industry as a whole. Over the next couple of weeks we will be publishing insights from some of our thought leaders about what they anticipate for 2014.

Technology people surround themselves with patterns. We take macro views and break them into micro patterns and take micro views and fold them into macro patterns. And often, these two views collide. In the past few years, my view of the internet has become a kaleidoscope of patterns around identity, information and integration. As you search for something on Google, that technology is accessing tons of information through various integration technologies and ensuring you have the right credentials before allowing you access. I am hard pressed to find a pattern outside of that scenario.

In the Contingent Workforce space, I believe these three patterns will emerge and become critical in 2014. Identity establishes a person’s credentials and keeps risk and compliance in check and these identity management solutions will continue to mature this year as our organizations become more complex. This strategy must also include life cycle management across the enterprise. And that will make secure integrations all the more relevant. As data flows across disparate organizations (cloud solutions, external partners, etc), these integrations must maintain a common thread around identity, so an organization can understand what is being accessed, by who and how. Organizations will gather more and more information and Big Data initiatives will drive the analysis of how that information is used.

What does all this mean? It means that in 2014 we will begin to weave a new playing field for how organizations manage the entire workforce. Work location and mobility will gain traction as device integrations into back office systems become more readily available and standardized. Productivity analytics will help organizations make better and faster decisions. And identity management maturation will begin to create a more efficient and effective business process. As CTO for IQNavigator, I plan to focus on all three of these in order to maximize value to our customers.

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