Y esterday at Workday's global sales kickoff event, we attended the partner-only sessions and heard from a variety of Workday leaders about their partner program and product plans.

While we can’t share details, what struck me was the alignment of Workday’s vision and IQNavigator’s: To allow global enterprises to manage and optimize their entire workforce – both employees and the full spectrum of non–employees.

For example, IQNavigator’s unique VMS workflows for blue-collar workers are used by many manufacturing, retail and distribution clients. Additionally, many clients take advantage of being able to manage consultants and other SOW/project-based workers, whether billable or non-billable.

Also, real-time makes all the difference – when managing a global program, having all-real-time reporting around the clock provides the operational and threshold information needed to get the most benefit from the program in every timezone.

Human resources executives are increasingly interested in gaining visibility and risk control over their entire workforce, and finally the software tools now exist to enable them to do so!

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