I f you follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn, you’ve noticed my crazy excited tweets and posts about IQN’s growing partner ecosystem. IT’S AMAZING! IQN is truly revolutionizing the contingent workforce industry.

I’m thrilled to contribute to the revolution as a part of the IQN Strategic Alliances team. We search high and low throughout the human capital space to find the best and most innovative solutions to help you win the war for talent and optimize your enterprise-wide human capital strategy.

Recent news articles and IQN announcements highlight our impactful partnerships with a number of leading online talent platforms, including Genesys, Work Market, Elevate, and iTeam. These partnerships are a significant step forward in our focus on helping our clients find better talent, faster.

Whether you have full-time employees or contingent workers, we know locating top talent and reducing time-to-fill is critical to meeting your enterprise needs. IQN Connect partnerships help you meet these business requirements by delivering highly innovative, technologically advanced platforms. They provide IQN customers and MSP partners with a best-in-class approach to sourcing and onboarding quality contingent talent.

The IQN Connect partner ecosystem is a journey that involves continually bringing you the best and brightest innovations in the human capital space. So take a closer look at our technology partner network and explore what these new sources of talent can provide you.


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