A couple of months ago – at a small cocktail bar in Vancouver – I had one of the best cocktails of my life. It was a classic and great (1920s era) cognac drink made superlative by the fact that the bartender used both “business intelligence” (his knowledge of what I’d already ordered) combined with “predictive analytics” (his determination that I am a serious cocktail geek based on the series of questions I’d asked) to deliver an absolutely amazing experience.

This analogy about BI and predictive analytics relates – somewhat surprisingly – to IQNavigator in a very real way. Yes, I can hear you asking “How does it relate Brian?” Well, we were in Vancouver to evaluate a partnership with Visier. Visier is a company that makes a market leading workforce intelligence, analytics, and planning tool. Today, IQN and Visier formally announced that partnership and I am incredibly excited about it!

  • The non-employee workforce is, no matter how you measure it (numbers, spend, business criticality), an ever more important part of the total (employees + non-employees) workforce.
  • If they do workforce planning and analytics at all, most companies only look at their permanent workforce – a mistake given bullet #1 above.
  • To date, there have not been good solutions that provide intelligence, analytics, and planning. Those that exist are expensive, take a long time to implement, and are only just barely fit-for-purpose.

IQN’s partnership with Visier addresses these facts and concerns. First, clients can use IQN to manage ALL of their non-employees – contractors, consultants, SOWs, freelancers, independent contractors, service provider resources, etc. Second, by easily and quickly combining data from IQN about the non-employee with data about their employees from systems like their ATS and HCM, Visier will let companies answer a broad range of tactical and strategic questions about the ENTIRE workforce. These questions include backwards looking ones such as “how much did I spend on project managers of all types?” as well as forward looking ones focused on workforce planning and mix. Such a solution can be implemented quickly and therefore deliver a fast return and significant value to our clients!

There’s (obviously) a lot more to come on this, we’ll keep you informed about it on a regular basis. In the meantime, if you have questions, reach out and we’ll talk – maybe even while sharing a cocktail at the upcoming IQNSiders conference in Phoenix! (April 8-9, 2015)

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