T he workforce is undergoing a sea of change, with more and more companies increasing their reliance on non-employee labor. As the workforce changes, so too should the tools that we use to manage that workforce.

At our IQNsiders event last year, we unveiled our product roadmap along with a timeline so that customers knew what to expect in terms of new functionality and understood when it would be in their hands. We are pleased to announce that IQNavigator reached key milestones, as promised, in our product roadmap with major platform enhancements that help companies manage their contingent workforce more strategically and efficiently.

Recent enhancements include analytics driven by business intelligence (BI) capabilities embedded into the IQNavigator platform, additional talent pool functionality, and new capabilities that enable companies to manage invoicing, timecards, overtime and SOWs in a more streamlined way. In addition, IQN Labs is now empowering our customers to move beyond best practices to evidence-based practices and machine-intelligence supported action that improve contractor hiring and SOW management.

Over the past several months, we’ve been meeting with customers to understand the challenges they are facing in the changing environment of managing their non-employee workforce. Those conversations have directly impacted the next iteration of our product roadmap and the future planned enhancements to address the needs of our customers and provide a better overall experience.

What we delivered in 2014 was only the beginning and as we prepare to unveil the newest product roadmap at IQNsiders, we continue to keep our eye on the constantly moving prize – the evolving needs of our customers.

Agenda information for IQNsiders 2015 can be found here.

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