I t’s been a wild year in the HR, staffing and procurement world. The mainstream coverage of the booming freelance economy has shined a bright light on the contingent workforce world and spurred conversations around the country about how today’s organizations are preparing for the future of work.

There is no shortage of topics to discuss when it comes to modern day talent management and IQNavigator’s annual IQNsiders event turned out to be a perfect venue (not to mention the gorgeous Phoenix weather) to bring together the industry’s top contingent workforce and supply chain professionals. My company, Work Market, was among those that came out to discuss the changing world of work.

The conference started out with a bang (literally, with a Wild West cap gun simulation amongst other western-styled activities during the launch event) and the packed agenda provided plenty of opportunities to ponder emerging trends, conduct lively debates and share a slew of best practices. Some of my favorite sessions from the event:

  • Work Market’s Co-founder, Jeff Wald, led a session exploring the emergence of on-demand talent pools. He detailed how they’re poised to transform how leading enterprises find, manage and engage talent in a modern world.
  • IQNavigator’s Brian Hoffmeyer, VP, Product Marketing, shared impressive updates about their product innovation efforts and talked about company’s vision to develop the a fully-integrated VMS.
  • An ecosystem experts panel generated some compelling insights about how ecosystem partners are working together to develop comprehensive talent management strategies designed to keep pace with a rapidly-evolving labor market.
  • “The Future of Your Non-Employee Program” session led by IQNavigator’s CTO, Sherri Hammons and Taylor Allis, VP, Product Technology, explored changing societal dynamics and produced lively discussion about the role millennials will play in the workforce of the future.

The opportunity to connect directly with customers, partners and peers was maybe the ultimate highlight of the week. I want to commend the entire IQNavigator team on hosting a fabulous event and allowing us to tackle some pressing issues facing today’s contingent workforce professionals. Can’t wait for next year’s conference…see you in DC!

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