I f you are reading this blog, you already recognize the increasing role of contingent labor in the blended workforce and the value of a holistic strategy to manage it within the enterprise. Many organizations are taking advantage of Vendor Management Systems such as IQNavigator’s leading solution to gain visibility and control over their temporary labor across the enterprise.

Realizing cost savings with better management of temporary labor is a big opportunity. But it’s a small part of a much, much bigger opportunity when you consider that Statement of Work (SOW) based service spends are over ten times that of temporary labor. With 70% of businesses lacking the ability to track performance of SOW-based services against critical project milestones, you are not alone if you are exploring alternative approaches to knock down uncontrolled SOW spend.

SOW-based services is a complex category to manage, but IQNavigator enables enterprises to manage and control the end-to-end lifecycle of SOW spend, including sourcing, contracting, change control tracking, consultant tracking, and invoicing. iTeam builds on this solution, assuming ownership of the SOW outcome, and offering IQNavigator customers a risk-mitigated alternative to self-management, at a lower cost and with a guaranteed result.

With a focus on repeatable IT services and programs, iTeam has innovated the work delivery process. Using an advanced system of productization, structured management, and optimization methodologies, iTeam has created a better way to exploit contingent labor to deliver on-premise technology services. Thousands of enterprises have already used iTeam for networking, VoIP, lifecycle management, and A/V services. Many have realized a 10x-20x performance improvement in their technology deployment/refresh/support programs vs traditional contingent labor management methods. It’s the turnkey approach that makes it possible to dramatically simplify your SOW management for repeatable IT services and programs with:

• Predefined, tailored, fixed-price service portfolios
• Talent pool creation and management
• Execution ownership by iTeam
• On-demand delivery
• Availability throughout North America
• Guaranteed results

We are very excited to become a part of the IQNavigator ecosystem, combining IQNavigator’s comprehensive approach to managing contingent labor with iTeam’s turnkey approach to managing the work delivery process. 40%-60% of all IT projects fall short of time, budget, and quality goals. iTeam and IQNavigator are now offering enterprises a new approach for knocking down this statistic in their SOW programs.

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