T his week, I was pleased to take on the role of CEO and President of IQNavigator. This role makes sense for me - I have been delivering software solutions to Procurement and Supply Chain professionals over much of my 25-year career.


Why did I join IQN?  Candidly, I had the opportunity to look at a great number of software companies, and was most excited about IQNavigator. Although there are many reasons, I am impressed with the great team of passionate people that work here, our strong solution offering as a leader in a very dynamic and growing space and the long-term commitment of our owners, GTCR. I am a firm believer in the bright future and strong growth opportunity of the SaaS and of this company, in particular. I see IQNavigator as a company with enormous potential as evidenced by its leadership position in the industry and the caliber of the world-wide brands of its clients, customers and partners.

I am also a big believer in the importance of developing and nurturing long-standing relationships with customers and partners and am looking forward to the opportunity to meet with many of our customers and partners in the field. Now that I have relocated my family to Colorado, I am ready to roll up my sleeves and focus on what matters most: solving our customer’s needs with the highest value solutions.

I am committed to leading IQNavigator with an intense focus on solution excellence, customer satisfaction and industry-leading innovation.

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