A s 2015 was winding down, IQN’s Kevin Poll posted about several additions to the growing IQN Connect Partner ecosystem.

It’s designed to broaden the spectrum of disciplines, services and technologies to take their clients’ programs to new levels of performance and beyond the traditional boundaries of contingent labor. And Genesys Talent is honored and super excited to be counted among the members of this increasingly valuable ecosystem enabling the future of workforce management.

Innovative leaders and smart companies are thinking in new ways about meeting the needs of their customers and bringing creative and broader ranges of services to market. Often, they’re doing so through collaboration versus direct competition and costly, time-consuming internal product development.

Many of the same cultural, technological and market forces driving partner ecosystems and collaboration are also at play in the adoption of contract or independent work as a preferred “workstyle” by millions worldwide. It’s our mission to make it an easier, more dependable process as well as a great experience for these folks—because when we achieve this, our clients get the highly engaged talent they need when they need it.

Working strategically with IQN and their clients to develop clouds of pre-vetted, highly qualified talent, we bring an enhanced dimension of direct sourcing capabilities and cost effectiveness to their programs. Whether it’s the fulfillment of ongoing, mission-critical roles or meeting peak demand for forecasted requirements, Genesys looks forward to making a difference as an ecosystem partner.

We are thrilled to move forward into 2016 with our fellow “believers” at IQN toward what we believe is a truly exciting future for the contingent workforce landscape. Workers will have a broader range of options, enhanced control, and more reliable streams of opportunity, while the companies that need them will have a vastly expanded range of engagement options and talent sources.

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