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This week in the industry…

Majority of Businesses Still Reluctant to Outsource (via The Economic Times)
A Grant Thornton survey reveals that 60 percent of businesses around the world have no immediate plans to outsource work. A majority of these leaders say this because they are worried about losing control of a key process or department. Outsourcing is currently least prevalent in places like Asia (26 percent), Eastern Europe (31 percent) and the Nordics (33 percent); however, more than half of businesses in Southern Europe (64 percent) and Latin America (51 percent) are currently using outsourcing providers or have a plan to in the near future.

The Rise of the Temporary Worker (via The Lane Report)
As companies recover from the economic recession, the United States has seen a major uptick in the demand for temporary workers. Over the course of one year, 11 million temporary and contract employees are hired by U.S. staffing firms. The staffing industry is expected to grow six percent in 2014 and another seven percent in 2015. This is the largest year-over-year growth we’ve seen since July 2012. The win-win relationship between contractors and employers makes this type of workforce an easy sell for employers, which is why we’ve seen such a large expansion in the past few years.

Make the Most of Temporary Employees (via Business Management Daily)
Temporary employees can be a useful solution, but it’s important to make sure you’re utilizing them at the right time to risk creating more problems for your team. Don’t wait until you’re absolutely desperate with deadlines on the horizon. Plan accordingly when you hire and make sure that the temporary workers you add feel welcome to the team. It is better to collaborate with these skilled professionals than to stick them in a corner with no resources. Even though these people are temporary, don’t forget to offer them praise and feedback. They perform best when they have these helpful notes and suggestions, just like your full-time employees would.

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