O n the heels of the merger between Beeline and one of Genesys’ key early adopter partners, IQNavigator, there is great excitement on numerous fronts to further broaden our existing partnership.

First and foremost is the formalization of a strategic partnership agreement with the newly merged organization. We know the combined team is a huge force for innovation and ecosystem value creation.  We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with this formidable team towards redefining our collective roles in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

In a recent interview with Staffing Industry Analysts, Doug Leeby stated that Beeline aspires “to be the chief threat to the VMS.”  What he means by “threat,” of course, is a disruption of the status quo. It’s time for a much needed change in the talent acquisition marketplace and its complex supply chains. To that end, Beeline embraces a delivery partner ecosystem approach which means an array of best in breed solutions as well as niche innovators are woven together.  These integrated capabilities are brought to the enterprise customer base while maintaining a single system of record and preserving structure and compliance. Beeline, along with forward reaching talent ecosystem partners like Genesys, are the change agents redefining the role of the VMS and, to some degree, the talent marketplace ecosystem itself.

Doug went on to say, “…I see a huge evolution happening, I think it’s fair to say we should not be calling it vendor management — because it’s far more than vendor management — but in terms of managing the extended workforce, I think it’s very important and we need to continue to focus heavily on the user experience.” Genesys couldn’t be better aligned with this thinking. Additionally, our belief is our efforts should be as equally focused on candidate experience and value creation. It’s these great candidate experiences and delivery of enhanced value for the individual worker that affords a competitive edge for the customer relative to the new extended workforce channels.

We’ve already seen this shift manifesting itself in most of the varying forms of Work Intermediation Platforms (WIPs) and the gig economy in general.  In terms of the enterprise workforce, the trend towards more direct alternatives for sourcing talent as a complement to traditional supplier channels is a logical next step. This is exactly where the Beeline Self-sourcing capability fits in and where our respective capabilities intersect to the benefit of the customer and the candidate.

Genesys envisions a future of work and workforce acquisition predicated on a pivoted frame of reference… one with the candidate – the individual human – at its center.  We believe solving for the candidate “user experience” at a marketplace level is the ultimate solution to the perennial battle for truly aligned, efficiently acquired talent.  And we are super excited about what our partnership with Beeline means for the future of our industry, for our respective partners, and – most importantly – for those seeking work and those seeking to get work done.

You can read the recent news release about the strategic partnership between Beeline and Genesys here.

To learn more about Genesys Talent and our peer partners within the Beeline Ecosystem, please visit: https://www.beeline.com/partners/solutions-partners/

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