E ach year, thousands of motor racing enthusiasts arrive on Pikes Peak, located an hour south from IQNavigator’s headquarters for the annual Race to the Clouds.  The Race to the Clouds is approximately 12.5 miles long with 156 bends wrapped around the mountain, ending 14,000 feet above sea level.  Pikes Peak offers the toughest test of car and driver – with some drivers having to wear breathing apparatus to compete in the race.

On June 28, crowds will gather on Pikes Peak where for years, car and motorcycle manufacturers have competed in this race, spending huge sums to get to the top the quickest.  In 2014, that all changed.  Guy Martin, a little-known trial motorcyclist who even the British would consider ‘slightly eccentric,’ decided to take on Pikes Peak.  He did so without the backing of a manufacturer and wanted to do it his way.  He built his motorcycle and brought his crew (all two of them) to the mountains of Colorado to compete for the first time.


Guy did what no one else thought possible. He competed in Race to the Clouds and won – beating all of the other bikes and manufacturers in his first-ever outing on a homemade bike!

Independence allows you to do things differently.  A dedicated belief in what you do attracts others to your cause.  If you believe, have the skills and are unconstrained enough to challenge the rules, you can make a difference and win.

Here at IQNavigator, just down the road from Pikes Peak, we like our independence and freedom and we like the results that our independence and freedom provides to customers.

Here at IQNavigator, we like Guy Martin!

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