E arlier today, SAP announced that they have made plans to acquire Fieldglass. SAP correctly noted that “contingent labor and statement-of-work services is a US$3.3 trillion, high-growth market.” SAP also pointed to recent research by Ardent Partners that predicts contingent workforces will grow by 30% over the next three years.

We are pleased to see SAP recognize and affirm the strong value of the VMS. It’s clear to us that the growing market and maturing capabilities of VMS providers are getting noticed, and in fact we believe that the VMS space is the next place of engagement for major technology companies looking to expand their footprint and grow their profits.

SAP’s VMS acquisition is good for the industry because it brings a spotlight to our sector and and further legitimizes the growing investments in VMS solutions. SAP is a global ERP company identifying the value in VMS solutions, and devoting significant dollars to capture some of that value. It is a value and relevance that we at IQNavigator have known about for years. We are pleased to see SAP joining the fray.

This is good for strategic procurement groups who can point to this move, and use it as leverage to promote the value and expansion of their programs.

It’s good for IQNavigator and our customers because it leaves IQN as the sole independent technology-focused VMS with a best-of-breed solution, responsive, high-touch customer care and the flexibility to empower and drive our customer’s business objectives. We configure our software to meet customer needs instead of asking our customers to fit their business processes around our technology approach.

At IQN, we’re going to continue to do what we do best: customer-focused innovation, with an independent and flexible technological backbone that fits seamlessly into our customers’ business strategies.

Did you just discover that you’re now an SAP customer? Are you unsure how SAP’s acquisition impacts your VMS investment? Please reach out. We’re flexible, innovative and we’d love to chat.

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