I f you’ve read my posts in the past, you know that they have a theme – often a tie in to a pop culture reference or the like. Today’s theme is short and sweet, I’m going for my shortest post ever (tweets not considered of course! And, speaking of that, follow @chezhoff and @IQN)!

As I read today’s Staffing Stream blog (We All Hate Each Other, and That’s Good for the Industry) three things came to mind:

  • It’s great when a supplier (a group that is often antagonistic towards VMS providers) validates the reason that companies of any size need a VMS!
  • If the author’s assertion that the only thing that truly differentiators suppliers is their competitiveness is true, then VMS actually help suppliers as we make it very easy for them to compete and fill reqs quickly, at a low cost, and with quality.
  • When it comes to supplier performance rating (another topic in the blog post and a best practice in any non-employee workforce program), the only way to stack rank suppliers in an efficient and accurate way, is to use the data from a VMS.

IQN’s VMS provides all of this today and we’ll enhance our capabilities in the future. We’re especially excited about how we can use big data/data science techniques to offer predictive analytics on topics like supplier performance.

That’s it, if you have questions, feel free to reach out!

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