E ditor’s Note: 2014 is already off to a big start for IQNavigator, with the recently announced acquisition of ProcureStaff Technologies. We believe this year will be significant, not just for IQNavigator but also for the industry as a whole. Over the next couple of weeks we will be publishing insights from some of our thought leaders about what they anticipate for 2014.

I believe that a faster year-over-year rate of penetration into SOW-based services spend in 2014 will not only drive record-setting VMS and MSP growth, but will also have the following impacts on our industry:

  1. A strategic shift beyond the concept of a contingent labor program that simply expands to include SOW resources toward a broader services procurement portfolio management strategy that incorporates unique category spend strategies in parallel to standalone talent management and external workforce management strategies; and
  2. Stronger and broader SOW supplier adaption to VMS and MSP-lead services procurement programs that will lead to greater frequency of supplier funded SOW programs.

Look for future blog posts from me that unpack these predictions, baselines the current state of our industry and tracks relative industry performance and SOW-based services trends.

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