Y our company needs access to the right contingent workers at the right time, cost and quality. One solution is to create self-sourcing talent pools and then engage with one or more of these pools of talent based on your business needs.

Why Your Company Should Use the IQN Talent Pools Functionality

Fortunately, IQN is set to deliver this functionality to the market in our IQN 16.04 Release through IQN Talent Pools. We’re looking for clients to enable the functionality, gain value from it, and help drive the product—by offering important feedback on the functionality and helping us prioritize future enhancements. As soon as you enable IQN Talent Pools, you can start achieving business value from the product while partnering with IQN in the program. Here’s what you need to know.

IQN Talent Pools: The Basics

IQN Talent Pools allow you to create, manage and draw from various self-sourced talent pools, for example:

  • Retirees and other alumni (such as former full-time and contingent workers) who have significant intellectual property in your company
  • Silver medalists from full-time hiring events whom you have insight on due to their participation in the interview process
  • Workers who have expressed interest in being a contractor because they are attracted to your company

A well-managed talent pool can reduce your costs, shorten time-to-fill, and improve worker quality. We’re releasing our IQN Talent Pools functionality in the 16.04 Release on April 29, so now is the time to get started developing your processes, driving the change into your organization, and populating your pools of talent.

IQN Talent Pools Enablement Process

It’s easy to participate in the program:

  1. Attend a kickoff meeting with the IQN Talent Pools team
    • See a demo of the available functionality
    • Learn how to implement a Talent Pool
  2. Plan and execute your strategy for populating, managing and using your Talent Pool
  3. After Go-Live, start using IQN Talent Pools to achieve your business objectives
  4. Participate as a founding member of the IQN Talent Pools Client Advisory Council to share feedback, prioritize future enhancements, and brainstorm on best practices

Throughout the process, you’ll have access to IQN experts in our Product Marketing, Product Strategy, and Strategic Solutions groups—we’re here to help ensure your success.

IQN Talent Pools will be available in the IQN 16.04 UAT environment on March 23, 2016. This functionality will be turned on for all organizations in this environment. Details on how to use IQN Talent Pools are in the Release notes. We encourage you to use the UAT environment to help determine how to best enable IQN Talent Pools in your organization. Details on how to access the UAT environment will be provided separately.

The Right Fit

Is your organization interested in enabling IQN Talent Pools? If so, please make sure that your organization:

  • Has adequate resources to get involved and contribute
  • Can commit to building your talent pools so you can be part of the conversation
  • Is willing to provide constructive feedback on the entire user experience and to help us prioritize future enhancements
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