E very day at Beeline we spend our time actualizing plans to empower our clients with a best in class technology tailored to their specific needs.  We all live in a world of plans, email, altering plans, fulfilling plans, and creating new plans.  Planning is an important skill required to achieve goals.

Some would define planning as “the processing of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal.”  THINKING is the keyword here!  I challenge that thinking is not required in order to plan.  Instead, true planning is actually STRATEGY.

As Max McKeown reflects in The Strategy Book, “strategists who don’t take time to think are just planners.”  A planner may get things done, but you can end up with the wrong solution to the right problem; or the right solution to the wrong problem.  Your objective should be to maintain a healthy balance between thinking, planning and doing so that you can find the most creative solution to a really important problem.

In the world of Client Services, we are tasked with “Uplifting Our Service” to ensure the client has the best experience and we as a company meet their needs.  As Ron Kaufman explains in a previous blog entry, truly understanding your customer is essential to stand out from your competition and building an uplifting service culture.  In order to understand the customer, you must THINK!

It is equally important to encourage a client to think as it is to think within one’s own organization.  Rather than action a plan directed from a client, take the time to THINK about that plan, that business problem, and your own product.  THINK about the means and the ends, and you could find a new, even greater solution or opportunity.  As we all continue to achieve our goals and uplift our service, take the time to THINK, and rather than planning you will be STRATEGIZING.


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