Y our answer might depend on your role in your organization. But if you’re thinking in just one dimension about one objective, you’re missing out on the real value your contingent workforce management (CWM) program can deliver.

Some organizations think in silos: Human Resources, Procurement and Operations work separately. They pursue different agendas and ultimately fail to communicate effectively. For example:

  • Procurement is concerned with cost containment.
  • Human Resources wants to make sure that they’re filling positions with the best people, at the best price, as quickly as they can.
  • IT may need vendors on board and placed in a precise location at a certain time to accommodate projects with specific timelines.
  • The CFO is interested in risk avoidance and compliance because if any employees are misclassified, the business faces a potentially crushing government penalty.

While many are invested in the CWM program, others may not be on the same page as program leaders and may not realize the greater breadth of opportunity that is possible if they collaborate.

Contingent workers affect every part of the organization. When these diverse program stakeholders collaborate with the CWM program and invest in optimizing the contingent workforce, big things can happen.

Bringing your team together

That’s why the IQN Global Account Management (GAM) program is here: to bring all of your stakeholders together and help everyone understand how each of their individual goals ultimately supports the overall goals of the company. GAM will help your business develop the strategy and value proposition for your program and determine what our Vendor Management System (VMS) can do to help you implement that strategy successfully.

GAM isn’t just about helping you navigate IQNavigator. It’s also about creating a stronger program overall. We want to lead you through the effective implementation of your VMS, ensuring that you strategically prioritize your objectives and get the most value in the shortest amount of time—while meeting the needs of your entire organization. A few things to consider:

  • Are there gaps in your program? We’ll help you eliminate them by offering connections to our IQN Connect partner ecosystem.
  • Are you interested in baselining your current program’s operating performance and comparing with best-practice benchmarks? And then developing a plan forward to improve cost control, compliance and more? Our Spend and Process Analysis can help—whether your program is new, established or ready for expansion.
  • Are you getting the most out of your program? Our Value Realization Framework helps you optimize your contingent workforce by learning where you have untapped potential to benefit your organization.

Enhancing your program value

And the best part? We’re right by your side the whole time. Personally, my favorite part of this process is seeing the results that organizations achieve once their stakeholders are all aligned. Rather than seeing the new systems as a series of mandated changes, stakeholders start to truly collaborate. This buy-in, more so than any buy-in that could be forcibly implemented or demanded, makes each process related to sourcing and managing the contingent workforce more effective, fast and cost-efficient in every area of the business. We see it happen right before our eyes.

Enthusiastic participation gives an organization something that is critical for ongoing success: the collaborative spirit. When all team members feel that their input matters and is being heard, it brings out the best in everyone—the best in your stakeholders and in your organization.

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