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Unemployment Down in Europe, and other workforce news 7/28-8/1

This week…

Europe: Unemployment Falls for Second Consecutive Month (via Staffing Industry Analysts)
The Eurozone saw a 0.1 percentage point drop in unemployment in June 2014, now sitting at 11.5 percent. For Europe, this is the lowest level of unemployment since September 2012. When looking at just EU Member States, unemployment sits at just 10.2 percent, also dropping 0.1 percentage points from May. The lowest rates lie in Austria – at 5.0 percent – and Germany – at 5.1 percent. The highest rates are in Greece and Spain; both countries have unemployment rates well over 20 percent.

Temporary Workers Likely to Make Up One-Fifth of Workforces by 2022 (via CPID)
Currently, only one in seven workers actually want to work in a “traditional” nine-to-five office setting, according to the Future of Work report. One-fifth of those surveyed in China, India, Germany, the UK, and the US, see themselves working remotely and virtually, with the ability to log on from anywhere in the world within the next 10 years. Moreover, HR professionals that were surveyed predict that at least 20 percent of their workforce is going to be made up of temporary workers or contractors within the next eight years and are building strategies to work with the change.

The Compliance Management Checklist, Part I (via CPO Rising)
CPO Rising created a “Compliance Management Checklist” series to help enterprises and organizations narrow down the most important, modern compliance measurement items and highlight the risk details widespread in the contemporary spend management spectrum. In the first part of this series, CPO Rising touts: Standardized contract language/terms, procure-to-pay processes, and enforcement of a preferred supplier program.

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