E ditor’s Note: 2014 is already off to a big start for IQNavigator, with the recently announced acquisition of ProcureStaff Technologies. We believe this year will be significant, not just for IQNavigator but also for the industry as a whole. Over the next couple of weeks we will be publishing insights from some of our thought leaders about what they anticipate for 2014.

I’m old enough to remember Johnny Carson’s classic Carnac the Magnificent bits so, in that vein, the answer is (drum roll please)… An ever-increasing focus on capturing, tracking, and measuring the total employee workforce! Obviously the question in the hermetically sealed envelope was “What do you predict we’ll see in the VMS market in 2014?”

The total employee workforce includes all types of workers – employees, temporaries of all types (including light and heavy industrial), consultants, ICs/1099s, individuals on SOWs, people who access buildings and systems, etc.

I believe that more and more companies want to capture information about all of these workers in a single system and that the best system to do this is the VMS. This will allow stakeholders from across the enterprise to answer a wide range of tactical and strategic questions, everything from “Who has access to my system?” to “What is the best mixer of worker types to meet my needs in Department X?” A VMS system – integrated with the rest of a company’s enterprise systems (ERP, HR IS, Applicant Tracking, and the like) is well positioned to track and report on all of these workers across the globe.

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