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Workforce Industry News for the week of August 19, 2013

This week in the industry…

Contingent Labor: To Use… Or not to use? That is the question. (CPO Rising)
Now that a lot of focus has turned onto the contingent workforce, and the rate of these types of workers is growing rapidly, it’s important to know when to use – and when not to use  – temporary labor. This article from CPO Rising discusses the true benefits and drawbacks of this type of workforce, which is something that everyone should consider before making these types of decisions for their business.

Businesses Cut Full-time Workers Because of ObamaCare (via The New American)
Popular retail store, Forever 21, has recently made headlines because of their decision to drastically reduce many full-time store workers to part-time. This, in turn, removes all benefits from any of these workers as of August 31st. Many speculate that this is because of ObamaCare. This is a trend we’re seeing as many companies are looking to part-time and temporary workers to work around the new healthcare laws.

Sweden – Temporary Employee Numbers Rise (via Staffing Industry Analysts)
In July 2013, the number of temporary workers in Sweden came in at 896,000. This was an increase in 50,000 compared to July 2012. This marks the biggest year-over-year rise in temporary workers for Sweden since December 2011. Workers between the ages of 25 and 54 are what account for a majority of this growing temporary workforce, according to the Swedish Labor Force Survey.

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