I t's Beeline Weekly Roundup time. A lot has happened in the workforce industry since the start of 2014! Here's a look at what's been happening this week, January 27-31st, 2014!

Workforce Industry News for the week of January 27, 2014

This week in the workforce industry…

The Sunny Side of the Unemployment Report (via New York Times Economix)
David A. Rosenberg, chief economist at Gluskin Sheff, discusses the overall job market performance in 2013. He highlights some of the better moments of the year, citing that 2013 is not a year of disappointment. In this article, you will find 15 positive points of growth.

4 Tips for Affordable Care Act Employer Compliance (via Corporate Counsel)
With the gradual rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), companies are now turning to focus to adjust their policies to match the healthcare law to be compliant. What four key things are important for companies to watch this year? Corporate Counsel mentions paying all fees and avoiding discriminatory policies as two key points.

Contract Staffing Growth in 2013 Paves Way for Strong 2014 (via The Staffing Stream)
Last year was a big year for contract staffing. In fact, contract staffing grew at its highest point since 2006 with 2.7 million active contractors across the Untied States. Staffing was particularly strong in industries such as: engineering/manufacturing, sales/marketing, information technology, healthcare and HR/legal/recruiting. In 2014, contract staffing will continue to become a more long-term business strategy in all industries – but especially in healthcare, IT and manufacturing/engineering. Because of the current uncertainty of the economy, contract staffing is only destined to grow year over year.

That’s it for this week, as well as January 2014! Don’t forget to bookmark the Beeline blog to stay informed about the industry trends and findings. We hope everyone has an excellent weekend!

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