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Workforce Industry News for the week of September 2, 2013

This week in the industry…

Contingent Workforce Can Create a Compliance Conundrum (via Workforce.com)
“Temporary workers can misunderstand that the employee’s actual boss is the staffing agency. Employers also may think they can avoid anti-discrimination laws by using indirect hiring, but they may still face legal exposure.” This article highlights the tips to help employers avoid potential pitfalls when using a contingent workforce.

Temp & Part-Timers Break Historic Records(via Oregon Business Report)
“The Oregon economic numbers show that Oregon’s tepid growth is being led by temporary employees. Temp employees along with the rise of part-time employees reflecting of the changing face of employment as the nation as a whole. Today one in ten American non-farm workers (28 million) are “temporary” employees, close to an all-time high.”

Supply Chain & Risk Management: “3Ps” – Predictive, Proactive, Prescriptive (via SpendMatters)
“From a risk management perspective, what is important to pay attention to is the concept of decision guidance: to leverage the intent of the user (e.g., to place an order with one supplier or an alternative) to provide recommendations based on the outcomes they want to achieve within the context of the application itself outside of a different analytics layer or dashboard; and to surface information on either a “critical” or “need to know” basis.” As an added bonus for our readers, see if you can spot the Beeline mention within this article!

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