Client Services Change Management

Change Management and Program Adoption Support

No contingent workforce program can achieve its goals without effective change management and whole-hearted program adoption. But you don’t have to address these challenges alone.

We can help you establish the strategic plans you will need, along with tools and tactics to drive program acceptance, support, adoption, and expansion. Based on our extensive experience with all types of contingent workforce programs, we can help you develop your business case, change management program, and stakeholder communications and marketing plans.

Advanced Support for Client Success

Success for your program starts with implementation, but it doesn’t end there. Neither do our services. Based on our industry perspective and market knowledge, we provide extensive strategic guidance to our clients on the operation and optimization of their extended workforce programs.

From program office development and market rate analysis to business process engineering and advanced scorecard creation, we can help you realize your program’s full potential. Take advantage of our years of technology and program management experience, and you will be on your way to achieving a best-in-class program.

24/7 Support

In addition to operational and strategic services to support both your current and long-term goals, we also provide global 24/7 support to make sure your VMS operates smoothly every day. From support centers on four continents, our VMS product support specialists address critical issues for your team, your users, and your suppliers in any of more than 17 languages.

Technology and Service for the Life of Your Program

Your extended workforce—including contingent workers, contractors, freelancers, and consultants—represents an increasingly important part of your organization’s total talent. Using these resources effectively can give you a competitive advantage—if you can source and manage your non-employee workforce in a way that is compliant with applicable laws and regulations, provides complete visibility, increases operational efficiency, and optimizes quality and cost.

Beeline provides the technology to meet all these needs efficiently and cost-effectively, and it will provide the most value—now and for the life of your program—because it is backed by client services dedicated to helping you meet your program’s operational and strategic goals.