Client Services Made Better

To make your VMS implementation smooth and painless, your Beeline transition team is led by not one, but two experienced Client Operations Managers (COMs) to shepherd your program through the launch phase to what we call “steady state” operation. This “hypercare” approach gives you the proof—and the confidence—that your program will perform efficiently, effectively, and in accordance with its design goals.

Making Unparalleled Client Service Even Better


Every Beeline client has a Client Relationship Manager (CRM) responsible for providing strategic counsel and direction and a Client Operations Manager (COM) responsible for day-to-day operations and all client deliverables. Both managers are fully cognizant of the status of your program and are readily accessible to support and assist your program team.


Unlike other VMS providers (whose client services teams compete for technical resources with new-revenue-generating client implementations and program expansions), our Client Services organization has its own dedicated configuration, reporting, financial operations, and integration teams, as well as product experts, quality principals, business analysts, and project managers whose sole responsibility is to meet the needs of current Beeline clients.