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Our Contingent Workforce Solution Implementation Approach

Beeline’s implementation methodology is a blend of PMI (Project Management Institute) Project Management Process with development practices that exemplify the best industry standards and practices. The goal is to promote, leverage, and utilize a configuration solution that is built on contingent workforce industry best practices.

We start with a base configuration that incorporates the features our customers want most. Then we conduct a readiness assessment with each individual client to determine the configuration you want and compare it with the configuration most customers actually choose. Typically, they are about 90% the same.

When you confirm the VMS configuration you want, we create a comprehensive work packet – ‘one meal at a time’ rather than ‘separate dishes’ – to go from start to finish.

We test your entire configuration internally to quickly spot and correct any problems, rather than taking it to you only to find that it’s not what you wanted. When we go start-to-finish, our team can quickly compare the entire site configuration to all your requirements.

When fully tested and certified, we ‘showcase’ your site to you. As a result, any further changes required will likely occur only if you decide you need configuration settings not in your original request, and these can be made quickly and holistically, rather than piecemeal.