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Faster, safer web access with Cloudflare

Beeline uses Cloudflare – a premier Internet content delivery network that provides web application acceleration to all corners of the earth while ensuring security, reliability, and integrity of data across its global network. If Cloudflare should ever go offline, traffic would redirect to the Beeline network and route the data through Beeline data centers.

Data centers only offer physical protection of data. To better address all aspects of security, Beeline implemented additional layers of protection by deploying Cloudflare’s security services to block attacks. Cloudflare detects and deflects threats in HTTP and HTTPS traffic before they ever reach the customer.

Security is a concern for everyone, and this solution allows us to respond quickly to vulnerabilities and ‘zero-day threats’ on a 24/7 basis.

Jason Creson, Beeline VP, Technical Operations

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We minimize clients’ risk of exposure to the latest threats and vulnerabilities. Despite dynamically changing environments and attacks, Beeline leverages industry-leading technologies for automatic provisioning, tuning, and enforcement of security policies and rules across control points—without manual intervention. These technologies

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