Global Solutions Think Global

Expert Guidance is Available

Contingent workforce program managers should remember that they don’t have to do this alone. For insight and planning, it is prudent to engage a guide. Your managed services provider (MSP) can help, and so can your VMS provider. Beeline has overseen hundreds of localized rollouts of global VMS solutions. Whether you have to manage one – or many – local contingent workforce program implementations, it is nice to know that your VMS partner has done this many times before.

Regional VMS Hubs Are a Cost-Effective Option

Sometimes it is not practical or cost-effective to implement a localized solution in countries where you have only a few workers. At the same time, it is important to include these workers in your overall program for both visibility and compliance purposes. In these cases, the right answer can be Beeline’s Regional VMS solution, a unique product offering that allows visibility and global consistency, even for smaller, outlying operations and satellite offices.