Integrations iPaaS

iPaaS Drag-and-Drop Integration Solutions

Our integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution gives us the ability to implement data, application, API and process integration projects involving any combination of cloud-resident and on-premises endpoints. This is achieved by developing, deploying, executing, managing and monitoring integration processes/flows that connect multiple endpoints so that they can work together.

Our iPaaS capabilities include:

  • Communication protocol connectors such as FTP, HTTP, Advanced Message Queueing Protocol (AMQP), Applicability Statement 1 (AS1)/2/3/4, and others

  • Application connectors/adapters for SaaS and on-premises packaged applications

  • Data formats such as XML, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) and others

  • Data standards such as Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transportation (EDIFACT), Health Level Seven (HL7), SWIFT, and others

  • Data mapping and transformation

  • Data quality

  • Routing and orchestration

  • Integration flow development and life cycle management tools

  • Integration flow operational monitoring and management

Our iPaaS solution is robust enough to be considered an enterprise iPaaS (EiPaaS), since it:

  • Is designed to support enterprise-class integration projects; that is, projects requiring, high availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR), security, service-level agreements (SLAs), and technical support from the provider

  • Can be used for multiple integration scenarios including application integration and data integration use cases

  • Is fully managed by the vendor for patching and upgrades

  • Provides flexibility for the deployment of the runtime engine for a number of hybrid deployment options.