Mobile Solutions Mobile Access Applications

Workers expect the convenience of mobile access to applications. When you extend vendor management system (VMS) access and functionality to your stakeholders and your contingent workforce, the impact is far reaching:

Overall, you will derive more value and make your stakeholders happier with a VMS that provides access to key workforce management functions anywhere, anytime, from any mobile platform.

Approve on the go

Finance departments can approve job requisitions on the go, not just at their desktops and laptops

Measure success frequently

Job, rate, and time-to-fill benchmarks can be measured and updated more frequently across industries, suppliers, job titles, geographies, and time

Live reporting

Contingent workers in the field can report their time via their mobile phones rather than a networked computer, speeding processing and leading to timelier, more accurate reporting

Convenient access

Contingent staff and contractors, especially those operating on irregular schedules and based in a variety of time zones, can access vital assignment information when they need it