Oil Gas Build On-Demand

Build an On-Demand Workforce with Contingent Labor

Using a contingent workforce enables energy companies to employ workers wherever and whenever the need arises, anywhere in the world. Often companies need unique skills that are not readily available in every location and geography, so specialist skills need to be imported, often for a defined period of time. The best way to do this is with a nimble, on-demand workforce of contractors or contingent workers.

Valuable as this workforce can be, each worker and the process by which they are engaged must be properly managed. Mistakes in the energy industry can be highly visible and very expensive. If something goes wrong, it can be catastrophic for the company’s reputation, its workers, its shareholders, and for the environment.

This is why so many energy companies, including America’s three largest vertically integrated oil and gas providers, have chosen VMS solutions from Beeline to source and manage their contingent workforce.

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