Oil Gas VMS Powers

How a VMS Powers Contingent Workforce Management

Many of the reasons energy companies cite for choosing Beeline

Cost Savings

A VMS helps eliminate rogue spend. Beeline clients can gain hard dollar savings by consolidating suppliers and negotiating savings or discounts. They also gain soft dollar savings through process improvements like consolidated invoicing, reduced timecard and invoice errors, and compliance tracking.


A VMS tracks all contingent workers – who they are, where they are, what they’re doing, and what facilities, systems, and data they have access to. Using our services procurement capabilities, energy clients can even source and manage complex statement of work (SOW) based contracts – including all contractors attached to each project.


A VMS ensures that all workers are properly classified and monitored to mitigate potential exposure to regulatory risks, including tenure and worker classification/co-employment violations, a major concern in energy-related industries.


A VMS allows contingent workforce program managers to measure and analyze the performance of all suppliers and non-employee workers. This quality measurement is essential for companies working to optimize the mix of employees and non-employees to achieve specific business objectives.

Operational efficiency

A VMS automates all talent acquisition and management activities, including required contractor screening and vetting procedures, reducing the time to fill positions, and making the entire procure-to-pay process more secure and efficient.