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Monolithic vs. Open Systems

We have all heard about “integrated” software systems where the degree of integration seems to begin and end with the adoption of a single brand name or a common logo. We also know of “open” platforms where integrations apparently are easy as long as they are done “our way.”

This monolithic approach to enterprise software conglomeration has been effective in establishing some conformity of standards and has even fostered ecosystems of applications that conform to those standards.

But in dynamic fields like contingent workforce management, where terms like “talent clouds,” “gig economy,” and “total workforce optimization“ reflect the disruptive changes that are occurring, organizations that lock themselves into long-term relationships with software monoliths risk becoming uncompetitive.

At Beeline, we believe a better alternative is to align with innovative, best-of-breed solution providers that are aligned by their commitment to deliver products and services that give their customers a competitive advantage.