Resource Tracking Features

Features and Benefits

Resource Tracking is a great alternative to full sourcing automation and enables compliance, and full headcount visibility for all your supplier engagements.

Spend Tracking

Get the visibility you need to understand your contingent workforce spend. Beeline Resource Tracking solution contains streamlined processes and preset dashboards that collect bill rates, assignment duration, and planned and/or actual work hours to estimate total unmanaged spend.

Resource Management

Capture auditable information in a centralized repository for all non-employee workers who have access to your physical and intellectual assets. Your organization defines business rules that control the flow of workers through the engagement, creation, and expiration cycle. This functionality includes resource headcount, bulk upload to resource pool, amendments, extensions, and more.


Ensure compliance with your organizational policies through the automation of onboarding activities, such as background checks, asset management, and access management. Beeline onboarding functionality includes third-party background check integration, HRIS system integration, onboarding notifications, alerts, and more.


Automate your offboarding processes for properly terminating workers. Beeline offboarding functionality contains several features, including HRIS system integration (e.g., initiate deactivation of building access), offboarding notifications, alerts, and more.


Ensure due diligence through the automation of compliance processes. Our compliance functionality includes background check requirements and tracking, tenure requirements and enforcement, credentialing, and more.


Verify that your non-employee workers are still engaged through the supplier on file. This functionality provides automation of the process for suppliers to verify that all your non-employee workers are still active. It also allows you to set deadlines for suppliers to respond to your requests. Our recertification functionality includes supplier request for validation, recertification workflow, and more.