Resource Tracking Intro

Can you track and report on every contingent worker at every site around the globe? More than half of enterprises can’t. This problem can expose you to excessive spend, compliance risk, and more.

There is a way to seamlessly track non-employees that fall into special categories outside the normal contingent workforce sourcing process. You will reduce risk and add value to your organization by incorporating these often-overlooked classes of workers into your overall program.

Many companies cannot achieve full compliance when it comes to special categories of non-employees, such as former executives on retainer, countries or business units that resist changes to their sourcing process. Service workers (e.g., janitors, landscapers, security guards, etc.), and other labor categories are often overlooked and unaccounted for.

You can overcome these barriers and achieve full compliance by incorporating non-employee resources that fall into these categories, regardless of labor type, location, or circumstance. The resource tracking functionality in Beeline’s vendor management system (VMS) will give you the tracking and reporting visibility you need for success.