Services Procurement Features

Features and Benefits

As you expand the management and control of your non-employee workforce, our Services Procurement solution offers scalable functionality to support your project-based initiatives. With its centralized view of all stages—from negotiation and sourcing, through engagement management to invoice and payment—our Services Procurement solution gives you the right tools and insight to manage the following processes:

Competitive Bidding

Beeline’s competitive bid solution provides necessary visibility and enables collaboration throughout all three phases of the competitive bid process from requirements definition and bid solicitation to evaluation and award. This self-contained process:

  • Simplifies and standardizes bid solicitation and evaluation
  • Ensures transparency and impartiality
  • Enforces compliance with deadlines, financials submission, and scoring criteria

Statement of Work Creation and Negotiation

Beeline provides powerful collaboration capability to create and negotiate SOW terms with system alerts, activity streams, and versioning throughout all phases of an SOW negotiation. Beeline’s powerful terms library and template functionality enable your buyers to use contract language that reflects your company policies and standards, rather than a vendor’s. This can mitigate compliance risks and protect you from a range of potential problems including scope creep, delays, and price increases.

Project Tracking

Easily track and manage all supplier engagements across all project types. Manage milestones and payments. View time worked and expenses incurred. Track and control the onboarding and offboarding of all project resources.


Automate your offboarding processes for properly terminating workers. Beeline offboarding functionality contains several features, including HRIS system integration (e.g., initiate deactivation of building access), offboarding notifications, alerts, and more.

Billing and Payment

Accelerate and improve accuracy of billing and payment by automating your business rules and practices, and by collecting invoice data for milestones, time, and expenses.

Reporting and Analytics

Make informed business decisions to improve quality and process efficiency. Also reduce costs, and manage compliance risks with comprehensive, easy-to-use analytic and business intelligence tools. When your executives responsible for statement of work (SOW) project management engagements have complete visibility into engagement details, it’s easy to control SOW operational flow and develop smarter sourcing strategies.