Services Procurement Lifecycle

Lifecycle Support, No Matter Where You Start

Not all SOW-based services are created the same way. Some begin with one or more rounds of competitive bidding. Others are based on single-source negotiations conducted either within or outside the VMS. A well- designed Services Procurement solution should give organizations the same level of visibility, tracking, reporting, and analysis capability regardless of the starting point within the procurement lifecycle.

Beeline’s Services Procurement solution includes scalable functionality to support your project-based initiatives. From sourcing and negotiation to engagement management, invoicing, payment, and evaluation, you will have a centralised view of the entire process.

Automatic Transitions from Bid to SOW to Project

A key feature of Beeline’s Services Procurement solution is the ability to transition data simply and easily from the competitive bid process to the SOW creation and negotiation process, and from SOW approval to project management.

This provides real-time change order management, which ensures that amendments are tracked and reported, providing visibility into processes that could otherwise erode cost savings obtained through SOW negotiations.

Beeline’s Services Procurement solution automates manual processes, streamlines workflows, and reduces cycle times. By managing services procurement from sourcing through invoicing, Beeline lets managers focus on their project, not on the process, minimising delays and reducing costs.