Services Procurement VMS

VMS to the Rescue

Today’s extended workforce includes more than just contingent staffing. It also includes a multitude of service categories operating under a variety of complex contractual relationships. The complex processes and varied ownership of project-based services can create chaos in an organization.

Fortunately, our Vendor Management System (VMS) is designed to manage more than your contingent staffing suppliers. From sourcing to invoicing, Beeline gives you all the tools to reduce your administrative burden, improve service quality, lower costs, and minimize risks for all of your stakeholders. Our Services Procurement solution aligns with your organizational processes—so you can more effectively source, negotiate, engage, and manage all kinds of project-based initiatives.

Services Procurement will help you:

Improve control through simple, efficient templates and workflows

Reduce risk and enforce compliance by drafting SOWs on the buyer’s terms, not the suppliers’ terms

Get all project activity and financial details in a single view

Enable quicker decision-making based on real-time project measurements and data

Ensure quality and cost-effective project deliverables through competitive sourcing.

Know all consultants working across multiple projects, globally—who they are, where they are, what they are doing, and what facilities, networks, data, and intellectual property they have access to

Use objective supplier metrics to benchmark and rationalize your services supply chain.