Solutions Intro

Your goal is a vendor management system (VMS) to manage your non-employee workers, so you can turn your contingent workforce into a competitive advantage for your company. Soon, your HR and procurement managers, employees, and contingent workers around the globe will depend on your VMS every day to source contingent talent, report project time and deliverables, invoice and pay suppliers, and more.

Consider this:

  • Do you have a solid strategy for achieving the full value of your VMS?

  • Will your VMS implementation team support you in gathering, documenting, and validating internal requirements?

  • Is your VMS implementation process well-defined with measurable results?

  • What steps will you take to minimize disruption when implementing your VMS?

  • Do you understand how to engage your supply base once your VMS is implemented?

  • Have you developed a change management strategy for communicating new processes, training users, conducting user-acceptance testing, and managing risk?

  • Can you count on not only successfully implementing your VMS, but successfully integrating it into your organization?