Solutions Rapid Development

Rapid VMS Deployment Capability

Traditionally, implementing a VMS was a complex process requiring a significant commitment of time and resources from everyone involved: the VMS supplier, the MSP, and particularly from the organization’s CWM program office. Recently, we have proven our rapid deployment capability with a series of VMS implementations that cut delivery time almost in half.

Two of the primary reasons for this dramatic increase in implementation efficiency are our unique implementation process that makes our deployments much more systematic and reliable, and our new base VMS configuration that includes most of what clients want, so less customization is required.

Starting with this base configuration, we make the adjustments individual clients require, test them holistically with the client, and implement the system in record time. The result is much less stress on client resources and much faster Time to Value (TtV) for the VMS and the entire contingent workforce management program.

Change Management and Program Adoption Support

No contingent workforce program can achieve its goals without effective change management and whole-hearted program adoption. But you don’t have to address these challenges alone. We can help you establish the strategic plans you will need, along with tools and tactics to drive program acceptance, support, adoption, and expansion. Based on our extensive experience with all types of contingent workforce programs, we can help you develop your business case, change management program, and stakeholder communications and marketing plans.