Solutions Unique Design

Unique Design and Delivery Process Ensures Implementation Readiness

After 20 years as a leader in this industry, we have hundreds of successful VMS implementations under our belts. To ensure success, we’ve developed a unique process to keep your implementation project on strategy, on budget, and on time.

It starts when our Solution Design team conducts an on-site Readiness Assessment—a thorough examination and delineation of your project scope, stakeholders, subject matter experts, and other resources critical to ensure an effective start to your project.

And it continues with our Solution Delivery sequence of Requirements Immersion, Solution Review, and Requirements Sign-Off. Only then will we both know that your program is ready for implementation.

Service Starts Before You Go Live

Our Solutions Design team works closely with you and your stakeholders, to understand your program goals, data collection and exchange requirements, organizational policies, procedures, and preferred work flows.

We configure our VMS to fit your needs, your processes, and your specific requirements. And, to ensure that your users get all the value your program can deliver, we provide highly customized, user-specific training for both your staff and your suppliers.