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Why Maturity Matters

Contingent workforce management programs do not make an instant leap from an idea to a fully-fledged global institution that turns its non-employee workforce into a competitive differentiator for the company. They often begin as informal and decentralized solutions to specific problems and grow from there.

By the time a company is ready for a centralized, strategic program, it may have demonstrated its value on a limited, local basis and learned – possibly by trial and error – that a systematic, consistent approach to the management of non-employee workers can reduce costs, improve efficiency, mitigate risk, and deliver the vital skills required to achieve specific outcomes.

But if a company wants a program that delivers global workforce visibility, is tightly managed and controlled, and is capable of optimizing a workforce mix of all categories of contingent labor – temp workers, freelancers, statement of work contractors, consultants, and more – it will either need to mature on its own or lean on professionals who have greater depth and breadth of industry experience – like your Beeline CRM.