Talent Pools Acquire

Acquire Better Talent Faster, with Lower Cost

The most immediate advantage of using Self-Sourcing and Talent Pools is the ability to source contingent talent faster. But this is not the only advantage. Using Beeline’s self-sourcing technology to access previously identified talent in your own Private Talent Pool or scarce talent available from broad ranging Public Talent Pools operated by reputable online providers lets you

Beeline Self-Sourcing uses multiple data points and our proprietary matching algorithm to identify those who best match your specific job openings. We also eliminate unqualified talent, so you can trust the candidates you receive are vetted and qualified for your positions.

  • 1
    Attract professionals with higher pay rates and lower bill rates
  • 2
    Lower the cost of talent by 15 to 35 percent or more
  • 3
    Reduce time to fill by 50 percent or more
  • 4
    Expand your access to high-quality talent